Peach Rock Farm

The Wuglbones!  

A progressive modern family consisting of Josh, Brianna, Zoe, and Carys, we all  contributed different last names. After countless attempts to come up with an  all-inclusive surname, we combined multiple letters of each of our last names.  Once Wuglbones was discovered, it stuck, and bringing Fozzy into the family  shortly after cemented our legacy.  

The Wuglbones Family

Peach Rock Farm 

There’s a large boulder amidst our Peach trees that is the namesake for our  farm. It’s a lovely setting, on the Applegate River, with lots of big trees, wild  areas, and many different landscaped areas to wander through. We say often we  are lucky to live here, amidst the wild animals, beavers, and birds. 

When Bri and Josh met, the timing, and love, was truly serendipitous. Bri  always dreamed of having her own farm, or even a large garden. Josh wouldn’t  say the same, but he happened to have been offered a property management  position just weeks before meeting Bri. The property came with a place to  reside, 800 fruit trees, and ample garden space. Josh sure is thankful to co manage this place with the vision and passion that Bri brought along. It’s been a  grassroots effort, slowly building up the garden and fruit trees, leading to  opening Peach Rock Market this year, as our lives evolve into the next phase.  

Our Companions

Fozzy Wuglbones the First.  

Ball. Scrounge for food. Human’s food, or cat’s food, or chicken’s food.  Whatever can be scrounged. More Ball. Affectionate and charming, Fozzy is  always up for whatever comes next – as long as it means being with the family. 

Meer Cat. (Miri.) 

A fierce hunter by night. A meowing kitty wanting food and affection at 6:30 in  the morning. Sidekick and loyal companion of Bri in her garden. Climbing  fences, rolling in the dirt. Long before Fozzy stole our hearts, Miri has always  been there. So she truly should be the first Wuglbones. 


Son of Miri. Truly a scaredy cat (a strange evolution from being the  neighborhood bully.) When he moved to the farm, he slept in the neighbors 

abandoned car for four months, before finding his way back home. When Miri is  done eating, Foxy pounces on her food bowl. Then on to prowling the garden.

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